Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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I was born in 92.
He raise me up with care and love.
He teach me how to be an independent girl.

He told me to be nice with others.
He told me to smile what ever problem face in.
He told me to be brave !

Brave like him ! A Singaporean Soldier !

The last 'wasiat' he gave me : the last words he spoke to me :
- Jangan bawak kereta laju-laju
- Jaga Tok ( tokwan passed away 13 days before him ), jaga maktok, tokyah pun tak tau bila tokyah nak meninggal ( 2 days before he passed away ) 

But now he left me behind. 
He left us behind.
He left us with precious memory.

What a precious moment 20 years ago :')

There's nobody can replace you,tokAyah.
Al Fatihah.

Tribute to : Hj Osman b Yahaya.

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