Saturday, January 19, 2013

Entrepreneur Programme

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Here am I. Stood in front of my laptop. and trying to write something.

Something that I don't know how to write, how to express it and how do you interpret it.

Heww. Sound like something serious going by kan ?

Actually there's nothing pun. But just fyi these few days I'm quite busying with college works.

There's a lot ! 2013 - might be the year that full of mysterious moments and challenging too.

Firstly, about our Entrepreneur Subject Course.

for the month of Jan. We have to be a petani. Masuk kebun and do something that you will ask you self 
'' this is crazy, totally crazy. out of studies. and am I a Pertanian student ? or else I am an Accounting student ? ''

that's only for month of Jan. but ! you have to know what will happen to us on the month of Feb until early April.

- we will be anak angkat of peniaga pasar malam. for EVERY WEEK - starting on Thursday until Sunday ! and we have to stay at their house doing some work that have some relation to entrepreneur.

Did you know that is totally crazy ?? 

But for being such a positive student, I'm try to think positive or else I will get tense.

So, hoping that all these current thing will brought us something valuable that the other people can't have it.

It might be soft skill that we will apply later :)

our kebun - Hazman. Azwan, Hanis, Baity,  Shikin and Suba

oh yaa. meet me halfway :D 

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