Saturday, August 24, 2013

unrealised feeling

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dream of something that might not happen.

as well as it call dream

the probability are nothing

nothing to think of,

the unclassified feeling,

deep in the heart,

the never know feeling,

the never get end

and so call as love.

love is something that you can't describe easily.

it hard to define what actually love stand for.

it might be good,

it might be worse,


it might be anything that you think that related to.

so well, the unclassified feeling do sometime make you miserable.

the heartbroken, the misunderstanding are do sometime make you close more.

well people, keep smiling and please

don't stop to chase the 'gifted' feeling.

the feeling of being everything

feel the love, touch the love.


let the love touch you.

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