Thursday, April 01, 2010

Men attitude..its is??

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huh.i dun noe y.but i think men are selfish.
they ask 4 the girl to wait him until him cum back.then.the girl wait like sucks!!waitin.waitin.waitin.n waitin like dumbs.
n after a year the men cum.the men said.
sorry.i got new dumbs girl cried as much as she can.
thinking bout him.thinking bout herself.thinking how dumbs she is.
thinking all that with tears.
while the f*****g men enjoying their day wit da new girl.having lepaking like hantu.(hantu also noe blik rmah..not like them)...
and one moments split..
the new girl left him(girl that having lepaking together).
n said u are bored dungu!!stay away!!
then.that f*****g guy start thinking about the girl that he had left after a year.
he felt so terrible n want to be together again..

so..lets we smrise this..
men attitude some times too bad..
pity to the girl huh.but wat to say wat to do.
do sometime gurl terlalu setia n sometimes setia xbertempat..

~dunno y im to emo n wrote this~

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