Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love-But-Not-Pleasure-But-Yes # 2

menulis seikhlas sejujurnya oleh Kyra Ismera at 5:35:00 PM

i heard what you said but less whatever !

I woke up late again,
gonna get fired for SURE this time

So I’ll HIT the SNOOZE, 
and sleep till it’s 4 in the afternoon

The state I’m in, 
is bound to land me in the loony bin

And I don’t care at all (What-Whatever)

When the girl you like thinks you’re gay (What-Whatever)
You got a bunch of bills you can’t pay (What-Whatever)

When nothing’s ever going your way (Whatever)
When you’re shit out of luck,
and you’re feeling stuck, 
say, so, what, whatever

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