Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Never Know

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you never know how sad she is.

you never know.

and you never wanna know.

you left her speechless.

you left her with life of strain.

you left her with life of full hope

but last, you discard her expectation

and you left her alone.

you see her smile

but you never see what her heart actually goes on.

deep inside.

she hurts most

breaking heart hardly

full of disappointed

full of compulsion

and she hate her self now.

but never one know.

never one getting to let know

only her with the fake happy life.

she struggle lots to make surrounding full of happiness

but at last she acknowledgement with deeply dejected.

May Allah ease her.

May Allah always hears her du'a

May Allah bless her

May Allah give her good retaliation.

and I strongly sure that one day her life will be fine and she deserves what she had do for.

stop crying my dear. I do love you and always.

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