Monday, February 20, 2012

When Im Down

menulis seikhlas sejujurnya oleh Kyra Ismera at 11:23:00 PM

its come for no reason..
i don't know why..
but can feel it..

something goes wrong..
but i cant detect what it is..

i heard my heart say..
for the time being..
its cry but the same times its happy
and now i did a smile..

its fake..
and i know it well..

whats wrong actually ?
is it me ?
you ?
them ?
us ?

please do tell me..
is it a secret ?
didn't let me know ?

then why should i have that awkward feeling ?
seem easy
but actually not

i really hate the feeling that i feel right now
i'm too eager to know..
but actually i didn't have to..

should i ?

if i wrote in english,its mean
i really mean it..
i'm really in the situation..
and i stuck..
for no reason..
and its happen to me..
please me some favour :(

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