Thursday, May 10, 2012


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yes I do..
yes I admit it !
yes I'm soooooooo jealous..

to those people who taking TESL as their course in studying..

but,nothing else to do..
hoping that i also can join them..
in bachelor maybe..
insyaAllah right ?

I'm quite upset
because i refused to take the course last few years :(

i refused to be UITM-ians
because I'm not interested with Business Studies course..

but ! there is no more regret peeps !
because I'm doing well in my English lesson..
4.0 for English for every sem =.=
hoping its continuously until I'm finishing my diploma  

and I proud when I
beating with  Indians girls and boys in Debate,Public Speaking and Prom Speech..
and I the only Malay girl that have been selected by lecturer to represent in the competition.
(even I got 5th place from 20's )

well i will insyaallah..

joining Akashah,Amjad,Syazana
and the others in TESL :)

mood ; broken english

im talking to the mirr-or not you 
so, don't you dare to say
''hek eleh minah ny''

2 kata-kata hebat !:

Ardini Izzati said...

Wahh hebatlaa 4.o for every semester and a great debater! I'm going to continue my study in TESL soon. Sila tunjuk ajar :)

Kyra said...

ouh ! sgt jeles ! :( gudluck buddies :)


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