Wednesday, September 01, 2010


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(nak karang ayat poyo...=) )

okeh.tomorrow got speaking test(MUET)..
so as usual i have to prepare one topic based on Health..
so i kindly choose topic on Stress n How Stress Related to your Health.
is it interesting?
hurm..hope so ya!
my MUET teacher is kinda 'garang' huhu.
if I cant prepared it and cant present it well.
hurm.will listen to her blabbering.but i likes her blabbering..really!
one more things!
she doesnt like if we use this kind of phrase in class..'teacher..saya blurr' or 'teacher..otak saya jem..'..she said that this kind of words will shows ur fool.foolish person.hurm..

so..hope that i can do well tomorrow.Wish me luck ya!

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